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One of the most famous classical sites in Turkey, Side is now a pretty

resort town located just a 50-minute drive from Antalya. Pronounced

'sea day'. This former fishing village is fortified with ancient walls and

set on a small cape with long, sandy beaches on either side.

Side is a resort town located along the edge of the Mediterranean

coast and it is the perfect place to go if  you are looking for beach time

in Turkey. The town is also rich in history with many  activities that you

can do like sunbathing, sightseeing at the Roman ruins right in the

town and so on. There are also some stunning landmarks here where

you are going to get mesmerizing views of the stately Taurus Mountains and plenty of secluded beaches to go if you don’t like a crowded beach. 

The beach at Side is the 2nd longest in Turkey. It is very long and pure sand with no nasty bugs or jelly fish or anything at all. Side has 300 days of sunshine and the lowest temperature is 15 degrees in January.

Side, situated halfway between Antalya and Alanya, is not only a popular resort on the Mediterranean coast but also a magnificently preserved ancient city. In ancient times it flourished in the slave trade, which contributed to the wealth and power of this settlement.


The closest airport to Side is the Antalya airport ( AYT ) and yes there are Direct flights from all Countries. You might want to look at cheap flights to Istanbul and then fly domestic to antalya.

Side has a vibrant nightlife with numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes that you can try out. If you are looking for a relaxing evening, you can go to the harbour promenade and beachfront where you will get a chilled out atmosphere.


When you enter Side you pass the ruins, which most are lying in modern Side.  Just as in Aspendos the theatre is the biggest eyecatcher.  Not  because of the perfect state it is in, but because it's so huge. and that impotates you.  15.000 People could sit in the theatre and nowadays the theatre is used for shows.  When you get the opportunity to go there you must do it.  The acoustic is marvelous.

In the museum which is situated at the other site of the road, opposite the theatre you can see a lot of statues and sacrofagen.

From the big, old city-gate a column boulevard was leading to the ancient harbour. Here you will find the ruins from the Roman temple of Athene and Apollo.  Some of the collumns still are standing:  The Apollotemple.


Side belongs to the municipallity of Manavgat and there are several area's where you can find villa's. From every area we will give some information


West side of Side there are 4 districts

Kumkoy / Ilica    (about 4 km from Side)

Evrenseki             (about 6 km from Side)

Colakli                  (about 8 km from Side)

Gundogdu           (about 9 km from Side)

East side of Side there are 2 districts

Sorgun                (about 3 km from Side)

Manavgat          (Town about 6 km from Side)

side area.jpg


Evrenseki is a village in the district of Manavgat. It is located about ten kilometers from the center of Manavgat, where you will find many restaurants, terraces and shops. Evrenseki has a pleasant 5 kilometer long boulevard that has developed considerably in recent years. The city has a museum and a cultural center with many old sights from the area. The village itself is located inland and is surrounded by beautiful nature. On the coast you will find many fine and luxurious resorts where you will have a wonderful stay. There are many Villa constructions in Evrenseki close to the marvelous beaches

Kumkoy / Ilica

Ilica is a small town 3 km inland from the beach resort of Kumkoy, near Side, on the Turkish Riviera. The centre of Ilıca has a rural village character with old stone houses built around a central square. There are a handful of small shops, restaurants, a weekly open farmers bazaar. 

Kumkoy itself is touristic and has several big 5 star all-inclusive hotels. Lovely sand beaches and a lively night-life 

Colakli  &  Gundogdu

Colakli and Gundogdu are small villages the coast of the Mediterranean. The villages are located about 8 kilometers east of the famous Side and 15 km from Manavgat. The large Antalya is located about 60 kilometers away. By default, visitors to Çolakli land at Antalya Airport.

As a village, Çolakli and Gundogdu old centre is not very much. The centre is with a few restaurants, a museum and a few bars. There is also a small shopping center. It consists mainly of a series of hotels located on the long road Cumhuriyet and the beach 

Ofcourse the tourism area has a lot of shops and restaurants/ Bars with a lot of animation. Quite area, but thats oke when you are on a holiday or have a house here

Sorgun - Manavgat

Sorgun is a small seaside town surrounded by greenery and with beautiful beaches. It is good to walk in the dune forests of Sorgun. The Turkish population goes here themselves to have a barbecue with the whole family. There are several sights, ruins and monuments in the area.

Sorgun is located on the east side of Side and the area invites you to make nice trips.

You can enjoy a sun-drenched day on the sandy beach in Sorgun. You can walk along the beach to Side, a true open-air museum dotted with very interesting sights. At the entrance of Side are the ancient theater and the mighty city wall with the arched gates. A walking path along the picturesque fishing harbor leads you to the Agora Temple, the Athena Temple and the Apollo Temple, which provide a particularly beautiful view at sunset.

Very beautiful,  luxury villa's are waiting for you

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