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Buying a house abroad is a big challenge.  After 30 years of living and doing business in Turkey, we have decided to assist the future buyers. 

We are a Dutch couple who decided in 1992 after several holidays in Turkey to chase a dream here. Open a catering business in Turkey. After several wanderings we lingered in the most beautiful place in Turkey: Side with its beautiful beaches and a history of hundreds of years. A village that has now grown into a great hotspot. Many tourists know how to find their way to the luxurious hotels and in the summer it is very pleasant here. Of course, many guests have returned afterwards and bought property. Especially English, Germans, Scandinavians, Belgians and Dutch. Beautiful parks with beautiful homes have appeared and the people who have bought here are more than happy.

Anyway, back to our story in a nutshell. We started with catering business in 1992. In 2020 we have retired. You would say wonderful, but if you have worked in gastronomy for such a long time, you can't sit still so we decided for a new challenge.

We want to help foreigners to chase their dreams for buying property in Turkey and therefor my partner and I, in collaboration with a very good Turkish friend, decided to set up a small agency.
We work exclusively in the Side region, because we have known this area for 30 years.

We know the construction companies and we can serve prospective buyers well. Because the market here is so extensive; you will see a broker in every street, we have decided to focus mainly on the higher segment. We want to fulfill a purely advisory role and of course we hope that there are people we can help.  With our 30 years of experience, we believe we can contribute to the wishes and needs of foreigners. We have build our own hotel with restaurant in Turkey. Because of this experience we have of course become very wise and have bundled that experience in our thoughts to help others forward. We would like to share these experiences and in particular to help you buy a nice home in a responsible and safe way. We guarantee the entire purchase process.

Of course you can also have your own Dream Villa build.

The construction company we work with builds your dream villa on your own piece of land. 

It's also possible built a pre-fabric villa, which can be delivered in 3 months. Key ready. Of course, a piece of land must be purchased. We are also happy to assist you with this. See   plots

In addition, we have a woman in our midst who has already earned her spurs as a house interior designer. Many houses have been taken care of by her and resulted in great house designs that still impress the owners.

Check out our website and ask for all the information you need. We are an honest company with a lot of experience in this area. 


We speak fluently Dutch / German / English and Turkish                      


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